Mélodie Laconique

Cette semaine, R.A.S.:

  1. Sons of Frida: Tibia / Tortuga
  2. This Heat: Makeshift / Made Available
  3. Silver Apples: A Pox on You / Contact
  4. Nico: Procession / Procession (maxi 45t)
  5. Pere Ubu: Dark / St Arkansas
  6. David Thomas & Two Pale Boys: Nebraska Alcohol Abuse / 18 Monkeys on a Dead Man's Chest
  7. Spaceheads: The Blanket Dancer / Round the Outside Live In the USA
  8. Terry Riley: Music for The Gift part I / Music for The Gift
  9. Blood Stereo: The Larval Tuning Fork / The Larval Tuning Fork (And Other Visions)

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